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You have the ability to heal yourself naturally from the inside out.




Naturotherapist Consultation is available by appointment to guide you through other toxin removal therapy such as coffee enemas, juicing, dry brushing, etc. Personal protocols are also available upon request.


All disease starts with a weakened liver due to toxin overload!


The liver has approximately 500 functions. Once toxin removal has started, we can provide knowledge on how to support and regenerate any reduced or absent functions of the liver.


Susan MacDonald, n.d. (licensed Naturotherapist) can guide individuals having had chemotherapy and radiation to change natural terrain of the body so cancer no longer has a pathway for growth.

This includes guidance in radiation removal via energy baths (recipe available on request) to facilitate the healing process.



 (licensed by most major insurance policies)



Susan MacDonald, n.d.


Susan is a licensed Naturotherapist and the Author of the Canadian Best Selling Book; B.A.L.A.N.C.E. “Nature’s Way to Heal Your Body”. She has spent the past seven years studying spirit, mind and body, toxins as well as detoxification methods, symptoms and their pathway to the cause. Taking courses all over North America and working one-on-one with other healthcare practitioners, Susan has gained the knowledge to assemble the proper wellness protocol according to the individual.


Appointments in person, by phone or email.
















James MacDonald, n.d.


James is a Naturotherapist, Body Talk Practitioner and Microscopic Technician.  Once symptoms are identified during the consult process an action plan is identified for each individual and a process started. James, Susan and their staff are able to guide the individual on their unique path to resolve the cause. The process could include, tests such as Live Blood Analysis, detoxification therapy, emotional release, or referrals to other practitioners in the Centre or elsewhere or just a simple recipe for a gall bladder flush.


Natural medicine looks at the whole person; spirit, mind and body. JTW Natural Health Guidance Centre’s Naturotherapists meet with a client to analyze the intake form and uncover the basic symptoms, as well as evaluate their doctor’s diagnosis. Symptom’s are the body’s language and tell a lot about the balance of the body.


All disease, i.e. diabetes, arthritis, asthma or cancer starts when the liver is no longer able to perform several of its 500 functions due to toxins in the body.  It is essential symptoms are identified in order to locate the cause. Unless, in an emergency, symptoms should not be covered up by medication or removed via surgery.


Don’t wait until it is necessary for kidney dialysis before working with a natural healthcare practitioner. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks can very well be toxin related. Thyroid medication long term is not the answer – what if it is just an adrenal issue throwing off the endocrine system? Body parts do not need to be removed to resolve a variety of health issues including gall bladder, fibroids, deteriorating joints, carpal tunnel, tonsils, and much more. These are all symptoms, not the cause. Genetics do not have to play a part in your life with balance.


The mind plays an important part in wellness. Eighty percent of illness or disease is metaphysical [something from the past combining with an emotion from the present]. At JTW we work on all levels.


A few consultation protocols available:


Liver detoxification

Cancer Protocol used by Susan

Basic Balance

Natural health nutritional bypass information, supplementation to remove blockages in arteries; consult and follow-up for heart disease

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis protocols

Muscle Response Testing and Training available

Learn how you can work naturally while taking chemotherapy to ease nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, pain, etc.

Gall Bladder Flush to stop symptoms such as neck & shoulder pain, headaches, etc.

Coffee enema information and application for rapid detoxification

Toxins can cause; anxiety and panic attacks, high blood pressure, bad breath, body odor, mal-absorption of vitamins and minerals, symptoms of fibromyalgia, IBS, Crohn’s, diabetes related symptoms, adrenal stress, thyroid issues and so much more

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